Network design management including performance monitoring, problem solving, network maintenance and support desk operation.

Provide full outsourced network management with performance monitoring, guaranteed availability and up-time.

A flexible set of Service Level Agreements which we can tailor to your needs and circumstances.

With our network consulting service we can advise you with configuration, purchasing, management and problem solving.


Network Solutions

Local Area Networking

The design and building of local area networks using fixed or wireless technologies for small businesses right up to large business campuses, able to carry video, voice and data.

Wide Area Networking

Complementing our LAN solutions we also design, build and support Private and Virtual Private wide area networks using modern technologies from the world’s best manufacturers.

Network and Application Optimisation

Tools, processes and utilities to manage the bandwidth of our customers’ networks so that, together with their applications, they operate at peak efficiency. Tasks range from keeping routers and switches up to date to identifying and resolving data flow bottle